Tuesday, March 27, 2007

my daily dose of art news

Arts Journal online

If you're looking for a good daily roundup of arts news (visual, literary, and performing), Arts Journal is my recommendation. There are also literate, professional critics blogging about their specialties. I'm fond of Artopia by John Perreault, and CultureGrrl by Lee Rosenbaum

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

partial gallery closing

On Wednesday, March 28th, one side of the Lower Level Galleries will be closed for meetings. This constitutes approximately 1/3 of the exhibition Jaune Quick-to-See Smith: Made in America, so if you are coming for this show, you may want to come another day so you can see the whole thing.

Spring Break Art Break 2007

The theme for this year's Spring Break Art Break was "Self-Portraits." Students made self-portraits in collage, ceramic, and other media. They also made a "symbolic self portrait," using abstract imagery. We had a lot of kids in the morning, a more intimate class in the afternoon, and gorgeous weather most of the week.

*And in case you were wondering, the boy in the middle picture's Red Devil is Stringer's mascot.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

LRMA on the radio

LRMA on the radio

Scroll down to the February 1 show for a radio feature on LRMA's collections and exhibitions.

*thanks to Larry Morrissey at the Mississippi Arts Commission for the interview and the podcast.