Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Baby's First Steps

One of our most important European artworks is Jean-François Millet's First Steps (pastel/paper, c.1858, 12 3/4" x 17"). It is currently on display in our Asian Gallery for the summer, where I have put together a little show of works on paper from the permanent collection. Since all of the Japanese prints are downstairs, I thought I'd pull out some of our more delicate works and put them up. The Whistler pastel, the Homer print, and the Millet pastel are probably the highlights of this little group.

I ran across a blog post recently about images of "First Steps" in art, which includes our Millet and an image of the van Gogh's interpretation of it:

Les premiers pas dans l’art , le dessin, la peinture : voilà un sujet qui me semble intéressant !

[tr: First steps in art, drawing, and painting: here is a subject which interests me!]

Yes, yes, it is written in French, so dust off your French 101 and practice! Or, just look at the nice pictures.

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