Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In the Stairwell Gallery: "Our Favorite Things"

The Lauren Rogers Museum of Art presents Our Favorite Things, on view in its Stairwell Gallery now through November 2010.

This exhibition was curated by members of the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art staff. Each staff member was given the opportunity to visit the Museum vaults and choose his or her favorite contemporary work(s) from the American collection for this show. The exhibition also features labels written by staff members explaining why or how they made their selections. Jill Chancey, PhD, LRMA curator said "The goal of this exhibition is to remind visitors that every exhibition at the Museum is the result of a whole team of people behind the scenes working together."

Featured artists range from Mississippians Birney Imes and Walter Anderson to Fairfield Porter and Alice Neel, and works in various media including photography, lithography, painting, and woodblock print.

Image: Birney Imes, III, Girl and Dog, 1983.

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Chauncey said...

I just found your blog and the Museum site.

Any chance that the founders of the Museum (Rogers,Gardiner) are related to the kids in this mid 20's photos

I'm posting this hoping that someone out there in Laurel may find a photo of their grandparent.

please take the time to look - its a masterpiece.


Best Regards,