Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Changing out the galleries soon!

Well, the Pink Panther exhibit is closed, and we start packing it on Thursday. De-installing an exhibit isn't just taking pictures off the wall. Our Registrar does a condition report for each artwork first, which is a careful inspection to make sure everything is in the same condition it was in upon arrival. Then we close the gallery, wrap up the artwork, pack it back into its original crates, and label it for pickup. Then we have to take down labels, remove nails, spackle and paint nail-holes, remove the educational materials, tally up the results of the visitor survey, and take down any signs.

To put up the next show, we first have to unpack and condition-report the objects. For Domestic Landscapes, the next show, we also create text panels, labels, and a wall sign. All of the artwork comes into the gallery and leans against the wall; then we move pictures around until we like the order and arrangement. Then we hang artwork, labels, a sign, produce a visitor survey and possibly an educational activity table, and adjust the lights (which means Todd has to climb up and down the ladder about a million times).

We usually take anywhere from one to three weeks for a gallery change, depending on how complex the installation is, and how large the exhibition will be. Now that we have fancy new upstairs bathrooms, we can just lock down the Lower Level Galleries and get to the business of art handling, without having to escort visitors to the downstairs bathrooms.

Even with the Lower Level Galleries closed from now through September 30, there's plenty to see in the permanent collection galleries and the Stairwell Gallery.

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