Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Call for Papers

I think this Call for Papers deserves wide dissemination:


National Women's Studies Association Journal

New Orleans:

A special issue on gender, the meaning of place, and the politics of displacement

The editors of a special issue of the NWSA Journal seek contributions from a variety of disciplinary and multi-disciplinary perspectives offering feminist analyses of the meanings that New Orleans as a place has assumed in both historical and contemporary contexts-especially the contexts created by Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. New Orleans has long evoked a unique sense of place, a distinctiveness that was spotlighted and arguably hyper-realized in public discourses surrounding the disaster.

Since the fall of 2005 New Orleans, as a place-name alone, prompts debates around race and class and has come to stand in for a host of issues and topics that go beyond the physical space to which the name refers. We invite scholars as well as artists, writers and poets to submit work that explores the specifically gendered dimensions of the experience of place endured by inhabitants of the city of New Orleans, the Gulf Coast, and other affected regions as it relates to the hurricane. We also welcome contributions that use feminist analytical tools to illuminate the varied meaning of New Orleans as a place set in various historical, comparative, and global contexts.

Potential topics include:

* Nationalism, regionalism, public history, public art and heritage in New Orleans
* Sexualized and gendered associations with contemporary and historic New Orleans women, architectural engineering/design in New Orleans and the Gulf region

Send one e-copy and two print copies of your manuscript (20-30 pages, doubled spaced), with parenthetical notes and complete references page formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style to:

Laura Gelfand

Myers School of Art

The University of Akron

Akron, OH 44325-7801

Email: Lgelfan@uakron.edu

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