Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sculpture on the Grounds

For some time, Cor-ten Duo #3 by Arthur Silverman has been on display at Sawmill Square here in Laurel. We decided to move it to the museum grounds recently, which was quite a project since it's quite heavy. Not only is it a large steel sculpture, its base is a sheet of 2" thick concrete. At the mall, the concrete base sat upon a 10" carpet-covered wooden base.

After we decided to move it, we had to pick a spot on the grounds and have a concrete pad poured, then figure out how to orient the sculpture. Once the concrete pad was ready to use, we booked a local moving company to help us with a truck and about five moving men. They moved the whole thing (wooden base and all) all the way through the mall to the only set of wide doors. Thence by truck to the front lawn of the museum, where they picked it up off the wooden base and carried it across the lawn to the concrete pad.

It was quite an endeavor, and frankly I'm glad I had to be out of town for it. I would've cringed all morning long. George, Tommie, and Todd, who aren't nearly as nervous-nelly as I am, oversaw the whole project. I always think a museum looks more like a museum if there's a sculpture or two out front. This one certainly does the trick. Come visit and see for yourself!

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